Fighting as a Woman

You know what I am learning more and more as I grow older? Women are so incredibly strong. I mean, first of all, we make humans, inside us. Second of all, we have some pretty strong emotions and that leads to strong opposition in the face of what is wrong. For the most part, women stay quiet, and we take care of things behind the scenes (or at least that is sort of how we are expected to handle life) but every once in a while, we can’t stay quiet anymore. Once we have endured so many hours or days or years or lifetimes of injustice and heartache something snaps, and we can’t hold back the emotions anymore.

So in case you have forgotten, black lives matter, this is a movement, not a moment, and here is a few women to show you why: I watched LA 92 on Netflix last night and first off, I am so disheartened to watch black men beaten by cops in the 1990s but I made myself watch. I made myself watch because I have never really heard about the Rodney King Riots and that is pathetic. I made myself watch brave black women scream at police officers and other white people because I saw the power in their eyes.

In one part of the documentary, they show a white woman at the protests in 1992 screaming in support of the cops and screaming at a black woman, instantly I could see and feel the tension. It was like watching two lionesses fighting head-on with big bearded lions watching from afar. It made me realize how strong and powerful women become in the face of need. I watched tall, beautiful, and strong black women look down on this screaming white woman and scream even louder into her face. I saw a beautiful, powerful woman just facing off in the battle of a lifetime while holding her child’s hands and placing a barrier in-between herself, her loved ones and the enemy.

While their fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons were being pulled away and beaten by police officers in 1992, these strong women stood their ground and did not leave. I was in awe because it wasn’t just black women out there screaming for justice, there were intense white m=women in that documentary as well. On both sides, you could see these “fragile” women looking more powerful than the police officers decked out in riot gear and a uniform. In the George Floyd protests, I have seen a few photos circle around the internet of a black girl probably in her early twenties walk to the front line of police brandishing a rose, the next photo shows her setting the rose on the ground in front of an officer, and the last photo is the girl being arrested. I guess I am just now realizing the strength that comes with being a woman.

I have always discredited my emotions because they felt too strong or I thought I needed to have calmer emotions for people to listen to me, but I am also realizing our emotions don’t come from us, they come from what we are experiencing. Now I don’t want to say that I saw any of this coming but when Trump was elected, I cried and kind of lost hope in our entire government system. I cried seeing the map turn red and I remember being sixteen and just knowing that when I voted in 2020 it was going to be so hard to get him out of office. Since then, I have seen countless examples of government corruption from so many different levels of government, and it has made me untrusting of the government.

For the past four years, I have dealt with becoming an adult and an array of other emotional ups and downs, so politics seemed so far out of my reach. Especially when I mostly see people just fighting each other instead of the actual problem. What’s the actual problem you may be asking yourself: Our whole system is set up to keep the poor people poor, and the rich people rich, but the messed-up part is that above the rich people are the super-rich people, and those are the people that run our government.

With this realization that my vote doesn’t really make a difference and no matter who gets elected the same agenda is still followed (to keep the poor poorer and the rich richer). I felt there was no point for me to try because no one thought similarly to me and what could a little girl like me do about such a big issue. I still feel as if my voice really won’t be heard and that I don’t have enough money, or power to make any sort of change.

Then I watched the Epstein docuseries that Netflix released and that one solidified my theory that the whole country (if not the whole world) is run by a few very rich white men who treat everyone else like piggy banks they can break open anytime they want. Donald Trump has been sued for assaulting minors’ countless times, and countless times he has threatened and paid his victims to silence their voices. He does everything he can to silence anyone who opposes him. Go look it up, it is not hard to find the cases on our government official websites. So that is why I have felt so powerless to the overwhelming control of rich white men in our country that contributing to any sort of political conversation has seemed so pointless to me.

There is so much to think about and it got me thinking that I should register to vote just in case I find a good candidate or simply to vote for someone new in office. I may not be able to solve the world’s racism, but I can at least vote right? Upon looking my name up, I realized I am registered they just have me down as an inactive voter even though all the information (like my address and number) is correct.

I researched what inactive meant and basically since I haven’t voted (this is the first year I can vote in the primary election) they consider me inactive and therefore don’t send me any voter information. That’s okay though because it just means I don’t get my mailbox filled with ballots and campaign garbage. But it did get me thinking about all the subtle ways the government ensures that people are not informed about their government so that these powerful white men can continue to make laws that benefit them, financially and security-wise. I don’t want to continue being blind to the actions of my government that could be affecting me.

This sent me into a whirlwind because why should I even vote if my only two choices are super-rich white guy number one or super-rich white guy number two? So, I started doing more research and looked up all the presidential candidates for 2020 and at first only Joe Biden showed up but then I saw a libertarian candidate named Jo Jorgenson. To my surprise, the third major candidate in the 2020 election is a woman and she has some great things to say. I know last time it was a big thing of people not wanting to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman and I agree with that sentiment but look at what Jo Jorgenson has to say.

She is speaking out against the insane government handouts to companies that don’t need it, she wants to remove barriers that prevent environmentally friendly energy sources being created, she does not have an extensive career in politics so she just may be one of the people who aren’t part of the government corruption. I am not going to tell you who to vote for but go watch her interviews listen, go look at her twitter, go check out her history. This woman is a doctor, M.D., do you know how much schooling that is? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a well-educated president, who just happens to be a woman!

With that in mind, this is my message to women today: No matter if you think your voice is too small or that your emotions don’t make sense or that you don’t believe in your strength, fight. Fight in silence because sometimes that draws more attention than the screaming. Fight with your big emotions, with tears in your eyes and rage in your heart because this is something to be upset about. Fight because you are strong, even if you feel weak, you are still here so you are stronger than you think. With all this strength, I think we just need to take this hormone filled rage and go fight injustice ladies. I mean we make up at least half of the world since we’re the bodies that make people in this world. If we all combined our lady power, we could make a serious change, especially in the insane injustices happening right now. Go research, watch documentaries, read articles (from many different news sources), and never stop fighting.

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