Recognizing Blogging Day (a day late)

Well, it is the day after ”Blogger Day” and I wanted to post a blog about it but per my usual style, it is not posted on the day. Even though I am a heavy procrastinator and never, and I mean never, post anything on time, I still wanted to post something in honor of blogging because of how much it has changed my life.

I started inconsistently blogging in April of 2019, as a form of journaling about my feelings and in hopes of finding like-minded humans who could relate to my content. Since then I have gone through a galore of self-doubt, re-evaluating my circumstances, anxiety, bouts of depression, surges of inspiration, and bursts of productivity. Since I began blogging I have rediscovered art and painting, started going to college, decided on a career path, and burned many bridges.

When I decided to take my art and writing seriously in April of 2020, I began to notice all of the habits and negative self talk that have plagued me for as long as I can remember. Over the past months of this year I have broken down walls within myself that I didn’t even know were there, and once I broke down a few walls I saw all of the barriers that have been caging my soul, for who knows how long.

Writing about some of the things that have plagued my heart on my blog or on my social media accounts has given me some solace in knowing I am not alone. When I post my experience and feelings to the internet, I am met with other people doing the same thing! The internet is such a vast and ever-changing place that it excites me to think of what it may look like in the future.

Even with the knowledge and realization that the internet, blogging, posting my arts and passion can connect me to people from anywhere who relate to my information and may even like it, I still feel inadequate. Considering I took a long couple of years not posting really anything to any social media, I have concluded that this must be some deep understanding I have about myself that isn’t caused by the sometimes overwhelming internet.

How could it be? The joy of creating a video I am proud of and posting it to the internet where just one person says they like it, has given me more support than I can by telling myself in the mirror affirmations. How can doing something that gets my heart beating with excitement and my mind racing with inspiration be a bad thing? I love forming words and sentences together to make intriguing stories and possibilities for an audience, I love letting my mind melt away as I paint sunsets and mountain scapes, I gain so much joy from creating content I am proud of.

Although, this joy does not override my mental illness so I have started attending therapy and I am really trying to improve my life, even if some days I fall back into toxic patterns and behaviors that end up making me feel like I haven’t improved at all. Being able to look back at the videos I have created or the blogs I have written, gives me a window to my old self, which as I grow older seems to be farther and farther from who I am.

So here is to blogging day, a day I want to continue celebrating, for how much blogging has brought to my life. Creating a blog was really my escape from the boring adult world to a creative and expansive world of inspiration and art. Thank you whoever invented blogging, and thank you to everyone reading, you are the reason I continue writing and creating so that someone like you can find it and enjoy.

4 – 30 – 2019

Supposedly 66% of Americans do not believe they have a good work life balance and frankly businesses aren’t helping, unlike France who encourages employees to disconnect digitally from work and gives 25 mandatory vacation days a year. Most working class americans are working long hours, weekends, and holidays, not too mention making minimum wage.

I’ve been a part of that statistic ever since I graduated high school, and because of labor laws protecting minors I still I had the chance to do teenager stuff even though I was working over 20 hours a week. Now as a “legal adult” I work long hours and get paid decent but I’m also too exhausted to do anything but sleep and work. Although I can take care of my basic needs, as someone who has a lot of dreams and wants to do well in life I find it hard to make time for productive activities or even fun activities. Of course work is a productive activity, I need money and everyone has to work crappy jobs before success, but as far as my dreams go I don’t want to be working at a supermarket my whole life so it can be a struggle convincing my brain that my reality now won’t be my reality forever.

As for having fun outside of work, it can be difficult because even though I have two days out of the week off, I find myself just catching up on all the tasks I got behind on while I was working. Employers are expecting almost 24/7 responses from their employees, leaving little to no time for things like family time, self care, fitness, and most importantly fun. Even at my job now, most people I work with are expecting to get called in begrudgingly on their days off. This is one of the key reasons I would like to start my own business someday, I could manage my time without having to cater to someone else’s needs. I read somewhere that modern culture has taken the role of work and put it as priority whereas in the past things like family were priority. I don’t know why that is and I’m not sure what to do about it but what I do know is I need to allow myself to make something other than work a priority sometimes.

Yes, I can blame the all work no play environment but also I have to take responsibility for the habits I’m doing, or not doing, to boost energy and fulfilment. 57% of those unsatisfied said that technology has ruined family dinner times, not only that but in my personal opinion technology is ruining Generation Z’s self esteem, motivation, and work ethic. Every single day I choose to scroll mindlessly through my phone, at the end of my night I couldn’t tell you one useful thing. I’m wasting literal hours of my day, hundreds of hours of my life on technology. A co-worker of mine and I were having a conversation the other day about her reading a book before work, she said “that’s just not something kids do anymore”. She is so right, eight year olds are getting the latest IPhone’s, babies don’t want to play with toys anymore they want our phones.

Don’t get me wrong I think technology is an awesome resource but we also have so much nonsense, mind-numbing material. Out of everything on the internet the amount of educational or resourceful information is miniscule compared to the dumb shit you see. If we took the vast database of knowledge we have on the web now and put it to education instead of prioritizing entertainment, I believe we would raise a much more intelligent generation. It’s all about balance something most don’t understand, you can most definitely watch all that netflix and youtube but is that really the only thing you can do? There are so many educational and interesting podcasts out there or even you can paint along with Bob Ross on youtube. Hey, maybe even push the bubble and read a book or take a walk or reorganize your house, there is so much to be done and frankly the balance seems to be in favor of the less productive tasks.

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