My Reaction to You Are A Bada** by Jen Sincero

Truth be told it took me a really long time to read this book, over a year, that’s a long time. Not because I wasn’t interested, or it wasn’t good but because I fell into exactly what Sincero describes as the “void”. Work, school, relationships, and life just piled too high for me that I completely forgot about the book with only about five chapters left in it.

I quit my job a month ago, and so to speak began pulling myself out of the void and then I remembered I still hadn’t finished this book, I had even forgot where I put it. I found it right on top of my shelf in my living room and started soaking up the last few words of Jen Sincero, and boy am I glad I did. Her whole book is aimed at getting her audience to abandon their fears doubts and worries and full heartedly follow their “Source-energy”.

My ultimate favorite part of Sincero’s whole novel is that starting in part two at the end of every chapter, after she has listed out all her instructions for the topic, she instructs her audience to “Love Yourself” (62). She has a different reasoning for every time she states it but that is how she ends the chapters for the rest of her novel.

She separated her book into five sections: how you got this way, how to embrace your inner badass, how to tap into the mother lode, how to get over your BS already, and finally how to kick some ass. This specific order takes your through the process of becoming the best version of yourself in chronological order. When I first began reading this over a year ago I just about finished the fourth section of getting over your bullshit. Which maybe explains why it took me so long to continue reading because I have some bullshit to work through.

Up until part five Jen Sincero seems to be building your confidence up and trying to break you out of your own head, or as she would say “wake up from the Big Snooze” (43). Throughout her book she has chapters talking about finances, self-love, religion, meditation, controlling your brain, gratitude, forgiveness, fear, the universe, and more. Quite frankly it that takes a lot of work to help people change themselves, you have to give them some sort of spiritual break through or an epiphany which Sincero defined as: “a visceral understanding of something you already know” (231).

This quote stood out to me because I too have had an epiphany that completely changed the way I perceived the world, but I also had to look up what visceral means. Apparently, it means relating to deep meaningful feelings rather than intellect, and boom here is my epiphany. I have read self-help books and I scroll through Pinterest daily for self-help advice, but it wasn’t until I looked up the word “visceral” that I realized something. Just knowing what to do isn’t enough, you have to have an emotional reaction in order for it to mean something to you and therefor do something about it.

After she breaks her readers out of their normal daily cycles of unhealthy habits she devotes the last section to helping the audience decide on their goals, providing advice on becoming fruitful, reminding her audience to surrender, checking unrealistic expectations and finally motivating the audience to take the advice she has given an pursue their dreams. I think the reason it took me so long to finish reading this book is because I just wasn’t ready to surrender my control to the universe, my faith, or her advice and attack my dreams but as I write this now, I am taking Sincero’s advice. I don’t have to fear not creating something unique enough or new enough, I just have to do what I love and love what I do. I do believe I can have all that I want, and I know I will get it someday, I am so grateful for what I already have, and I am filled with the giddy excitement for my future.

Part of this newfound passion and drive of mine is due to Jen Sincero’s book, she provides truthful advice that isn’t covered in a haze of perfectionism and she lets you know when you could be doing better. Her delivery is personable, witty and understanding while giving you exactly what you need to read. I absolutely needed to hear everything she wrote, and honestly feel that everyone could take some advice from a wise author like Jen Sincero.

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