Haircuts Change A Lot

So, over the past several years I have been growing my hair as long as possible. I was going for a long layered ombre that entailed bleaching my own hair. I know, I know every stylist out there will tell you not to do this, but it also isn’t realistic for me to spend upwards of $300 on a haircut. Therefore I have been cutting and dying my own hair since middle school, and since I usually keep it simple this hasn’t been a problem.

But… all that dying by myself sure did leave my hair feeling dry and broken. I had more dead ends than I could count, and it felt like my hair was always breaking and shedding. I haven’t bleached it in over a year so all of the blonde strands were below my shoulders and if I didn’t do something to hold it during the day it would be a tangled mess when I got home.

I finally had enough and decided I’m chopping it off, but not before telling my boyfriend over and over again for months that I was going to do this. Don’t judge me, I like a good plan, okay! Anyway, I wanted to dye any remaining light streaks and the rest of my head a purple/blue color (tanzanite to be precise), but unfortunately, it wasn’t as opaque as I thought. Instead, we ended up with a little longer than shoulder length chopped hairstyle, and a sliver of remaining blond hair at the ends.

Instantly I felt the tangled weight fall off my shoulders and I knew I made the right decision (I have even been thinking of cutting it a bit shorter). A new haircut may just be exactly what you need to put the pep back in your step, and here is why.

Confidence Boost

Seriously, a new hair cut can give you just the right amount of oomph to have you checking yourself out in the mirror a bit more, or maybe you’ll start dressing to match your new hairstyle. You know that feeling when you just got a fresh cut and you stare at yourself in the mirror for a while… Flipping your hair this way and that, getting accustomed to the new look. Finally concluding that this is cute, and I look good.

Most of us then snap a selfie and tell all our friends, family members, and really anyone who will listen to us: “I got a haircut”. Usually followed by compliments: “oh it looks so good”, “I love it”, which of course boosts our confidence. Whether it is from our own thoughts or the thoughts of those around us, a new haircut provides a needed boost of confidence.

Healthier Hair

From split ends to heat damage to straight-up color damage, sometimes your hair just needs a little trim to help let go of all the dead weight. If you have been growing your hair long for years, it is much easier for your hair to feel less healthy with signs of damage (trust me I speak from experience).

Now, I know we are all imagining those horse haired women with long flowing hair that falls to the floor in shiny strands but keep in mind they probably don’t damage their hair daily. It is easy to forget how harmful it can be to straighten or curl our hair, and for those who love creating a new hairstyle at home with hair dye you got from Walmart, our hair is just screaming to stop.

New Sense of Self of Style

Hair controls a lot about our styles, and for many, it is a major form of self-expression. In today’s culture, you can change the color, length, create layers, and designs, shave part of your head, or all of it. The point is people are doing crazy stuff with their hair and nothing is off-limits at this point. So, go cut off those dead inches, revitalize your look, and have some fun, because at the end of the day it’s just hair that will grow back.

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