I Started a Garden and I think I failed

So, first off let me just say I live on the third floor of an apartment building built in the 1970’s, there isn’t a lot of light, but I do have pretty killer vaulted ceilings. Anyway, my point is I should have known back in February that trying to plant a garden inside an apartment with a little tiny balcony wasn’t going to work super well but yet here we are. I have a tomato plant, chives, carrots, rhudabeckias, lavender, marigolds, a whole lot of sunflowers, and two deceased baby spinach plants (the bugs got to them and then I over watered them and hit the nail on the coffin). No in trying to grow a garden in a less acheivable climate and area has taught me a few things and shown me where I totally messed up.

Too Many Seeds

My first mistake when planting these little guys was putting an entire bag of seeds into one (maybe two) little tiny compostable jiffy pots. Little did I know then that I was placing all those little seeds into a warzone where only the strongest branch would come out alive and blooming. I should have really only done 2 or 3 seed per pot because now I can see a million little branches sprouting from the soil and each one doesn’t look like they have enough space. So in future gardens I will have to remember that I don’t need to use the whole bag of seeds in one pot (it will probably save me money as well as plants).

By Serra Isabella

Planting Too Soon

The next mistake I made was planting these seeds way too soon, I should have waited until about March or April instead of early February, but you live, and you learn. This may not be a big concern in humid or warm environments but for mountain land February is still winter. I have watched my poor little plants wilt from the cold spring snows that happen here in Colorado as I try to resuscitate them with sparing rations of water (as to not over water like I did with my baby spinach).

Pot Sizes

Originally I had my two tomato plant seedling in a 6 inch pot. This was a mistake. After maybe three weeks it was apparent that this pot was way too small for a continuously growing vegetable plant. Also, when planting my carrots I didn’t take into consideration how they grow. I planted an absurd amount of carrots into a pot and did not space them apart so now I am just patiently waiting to harvest a carrot blob in the fall.

Insects and Disease

If you haven’t assumed by now, I am not a green thumb but somehow, I have plenty of green growing plants sitting on my balcony right now. Some of them might have a disease or bugs or something and I am not even sure how to fix that The leaves at the bottom are wilting and yellow and some have holes in them. I saw a post on Pinterest explaining different plant vitamin deficiencies and it looked like they might be potassium deficient. It’s my first season so I don’t know what I’m doing, plus I bought some fertilizer sticks and insecticide spray to help my little guys out.

By Serra Isabella

Thriving Anyway

Even with my plants constantly fighting for survival against insects, disease, and the Coloradan elements they have found some way to grow. My marigolds have begun blooming brighter than my future and my sunflowers are getting bigger every day. I can see the little bulbs on my tomato plant which will eventually become little tomatoes. I’ve watched my little defense less seedlings grow into strong and tall flowers and vegetables. Summer has barely started so I can’t wait to see how long I can keep my plant babies alive, plus I really want to see my lavender bloom.

By Serra Isabella

Gardening In The Future

I’ve always dreamed of having a big voluptuous garden with strawberries, lettuce, peppers, lemons, and all kinds of foods so that I can eat right out of my backyard. I wish for lavender flowers blooming throughout my property and sunflowers brightening up my life. A beautiful wooden arch draped with vines hanging above a pathway, I can see it in my mind now the hard part is making it a reality. As you can see, this year is not the season to make my garden dreams come true, but I am continuing to learn and hopefully someday I will have the garden I dream of.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for keeping a balcony garden alive, I would greatly appreciate the advice! If you are a plant killer like me, leave a like below and let me know how many plants you’ve killed (I think my count is 5). I look forward to speaking to all of you and thanks again for reading my content!

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