Art Style As A Beginner Artist

Recently I have been expanding my learning and understanding of most aspects of my life, art being one of them. In the spring semester of 2020, I took the first real art class I’ve ever taken and in just a few short months I had I learned so much. Since then I have been continuing to learn what I can online, whether that’s on YouTube or just by listening and paying attention to artists I look up to.

In this experience of expanding my horizons as a writer and artist, I have been hearing more and more about artists needing to find a “style”. The artist community tosses this word “style” or “personal style” around like crazy as if everyone is just screaming to the world that they are an artist!

But it got me thinking, do I have a personal style yet? Am I supposed to know what my artistic style is now? How do you find your “personal style”?

I’ve been diving into a couple of chapters of the book called On Writing Well, by William Zinsser, and a particular chapter caught my eye, chapter 4: Style. Zinsser explains to his readers that true and captivating writing comes from a writer expressing his or her style without fear of judgment. He reassures the audience too that finding this “style” everyone speaks of takes time.

It is simply illogical to assume that you could be the fully developed and stylized version of your artistic self without the years of experience it takes to get there. Most importantly, it is okay that it takes time, it allows you to play with new creative things and have blissful fun without the pressure of upholding a certain “personal style”

If you are on a journey to find your artistic “style”, like me, then continue reading to see what I have been doing to discover and develop my artistic style.

Being Creative Daily

This is somewhat of a hard one but arguably the most important aspect it seems, of becoming a developed and stylized artist. Me telling you this, along with every other respectable artist out there, isn’t new information but maybe you will practice it better than I have. It can be so hard to find time every single day to create something, but I have noticed the benefits are worth the struggle

Trying New Ideas

I have always loved painting skies and mountains and oh do I love painting moons, but it wasn’t until recently that I gained some interest to start painting different scenes. Sometimes creating a new pallet of colors opens up your imagination, for example, I accidentally created a beautiful sea green color and have been enjoying creating ocean scenes. In a recent painting I decided to go even further and try painting something I have never done before, painting people, well a mermaid to be exact.

You can see in the video, I wasn’t trying to be perfect and I most certainly knew that this would not end up being any of my best work, but it was so fun to experiment with skin tone and body shape. More than that I learned a lot about what I could do differently in the future to improve my painting abilities. Stepping outside of your painting “norms” can be just the push you need to see more creativity come out of yourself than ever before.

Learning New Mediums

I would say my primary medium for creating and painting is acrylic paints on canvas (either board or stretched). I have dabbled into watercolors but nothing too fancy, and I enjoy calligraphy and hand lettering, but if I had to give one medium I use, it would be acrylic. I just love that it is opaque and dries so that if I make a mistake it isn’t too hard to cover it up.

However, a medium I hadn’t considered before six months ago has now become a medium, I go to often, digital media/art. My purchase of the app Procreate has been a game-changer in my digital art practice, compared to the Windows Paint 3D I was using beforehand. Opening myself up to trying a new medium as digital art has most definitely increased my creativity because I have discovered so many tools I can use in future projects. Even in the last couple of months, I can already notice certain styles appearing in my work and I am excited to continue developing my artistic style.

I hope you all enjoyed this little blog post where I examined ways in which creative people can find or discover their “artistic style”. Go ahead and check out my painting video at the end of this blog, I would especially appreciate it. Make sure to like, comment, and follow to never miss an update from me, happy reading!

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A New Decade

So in the truest fashion of my blog I am uploading my birthday content a month after the event, which makes sense because this was a surreal and unexpected scenario to be in when turning twenty. With that in mind please bear with my scattered thoughts from a month ago, but her it is:

To anyone who didn’t know I am a 2000’s baby, which means as we all have entered a new decade of 2020, I have entered the second decade of my life. I am no longer a teenager woohoo! Or at least that is what I thought I would feel like but instead, I am feeling the weight of the world as I realize I am now no longer really considered a kid. I mean I am of course still very young and at the beginner of my journey, I realize that, but I am no longer in the excusable teenage years.

I think entering a new decade of my life has gotten me thinking about the past ten years of my life, which comes with a lot of reflection at who I was as a kid and who I am now. With that I have also been contemplating the next ten years of my life, who am I going to be in another decade?

Graduating and having a career is on my horizon and with that, I also want to create a family. Buying a house is on the horizon if my partner and I play our cards right. Financial freedom is in my future if I just keep killing it at what I am doing now and continue believing in that dream. I may be a broke college student now but if I continue creating the dreams, I always wished for I can have whatever I want in a matter of years. There’s not even a number on it I just know that if I continue creating art with the passion I have and keep writing my experiences and stories, I will become the middle-aged woman I want to be, not the middle-aged woman I fear becoming.

The woman who gave up on her dreams because they were too big or too frightening. I don’t want to become the mom who hates her life because she gave up her dreams for kids, but I also don’t want to be the mother who is so concerned with her career that the babies feel unloved. I want to set up a lifestyle where I can be making money without actively being in the office every day before I have children so that I am allowed the financial freedom to enjoy taking care of my family for a while when it does happen. Because I am so excited for those days, I am turning twenty and simply thinking of the time I get to be a mom.

That life seems so far off from the one I have now where I get anxiety at having to make dinner most nights, but I am going to therapy, I am working on myself daily to create the future I know I want to have. That is the life I want and dream for bur I know I am young; I don’t expect perfection now. I know I am too young to expect my dreams to come true but how do I continue propelling myself in that direction?

I am taking my late teens and early twenties years to learn about how to create a passive income, how to be a good parent in the future, how to be a better partner now, how to teach people things, psychology, history, English, I am even relearning math. I am learning about my country’s government, I am learning about the economy, about foreign countries economies and governments, about world history.

I am about to start my second year of college and that has got to be exciting! I survived freshman year, I did better than just survive and now I shouldn’t let myself get down because the world seems unsure while I’m in college. To be honest, my education experience has never been normal, or easy, or even typical. So why would I expect my college education to be so? Thinking about it like that makes me chuckle to myself, to think that this would be my first year of college. Ha! A pandemic, of course.

Nothing about my life has ever gone the way I expect it to, I never thought I would turn twenty during a global pandemic, and I never thought I would be living in my home town after I turned eighteen. Nothing went exactly how I would expect it to, but none the less, I graduated high school and now I am working towards a career and living with my love in our own apartment. Just because this is not the way I would have imagined my life at twenty doesn’t mean it is a negative outcome.

They say the best time to learn is when you are younger, that’s why children can learn new languages more easily than adults and why older generations seem to be stubborn. It’s hard to learn how the world works when you’ve spent your whole life not being taught. That is why I care so much about learning now! I have an infinite amount of information at my fingertips with google, and not to mention the benefits I get as a college student. Now is my time to learn. I have to take advantage of it while it’s right in front of me.

I didn’t expect this birthday to be as introspective and reflective as it was but now, I see I probably needed it. This is not the birthday I expected but life isn’t what I expected and that is okay. It’s okay to not know what the hell is going on because you just turned twenty years old and you’re signed up for five college classes during a global pandemic. I am so lucky to have made it to twenty years old, and that has got to remind me that it is all okay.

How I Feel About Harry Potter, and the J.K. Rowling Scandal.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I grew up on those books, and they really contributed to the morals I have today. Such as standing up for what’s right even when it is incredibly hard, not judging people based on a characteristic they are born with (full blood or mud blood), and recognizing the magic in everyday life. You have to understand, I was homeschooled until 6th grade so when Harry Potter found out he was a wizard I was an eager young girl right there beside him. When Hermione taught Ron and Harry how to make the Polyjuice potion, I was there jumping with fright when moaning myrtle appeared. Harry Potter is my childhood, and it is helped make me who I am today.

I know I am late to this topic but considering how much the Harry Potter books mean to my life I felt I had to say something. J.K. Rowling posted a series of tweets regarding the transgender community as a burden to straights woman’s ability to tell their stories. This is so clearly wrong, feel if anything the more rights and equality the transgender community has, the more rights and equality all women have. You can go do your own research and find all of the screenshots (seriously it’s all over the internet) but I just don’t want to contribute another copy of such speech. I really don’t even understand her argument here, what was going through her head?

I also heard from multiple sources that this isn’t the first time she has posted transphobic comments, what the hell? I mean, I fully recognize that my experience as a small white female is vastly different than that of a person of color or an lgtbq+ appearing person, or any other minority. I just don’t understand how some people do not recognize that the perspective they hold of the world is not the same for everyone else. How can they not understand that just because they don’t understand a certain perspective doesn’t mean it is invalid in any way. You cannot dismiss someone’s experience and perception of the world simply because you do not understand or have never experienced it. That is called ignorance.

So, this whole moral debacle has raised a lot of questions in the nerd community of what this means for the future of the Harry Potter series. Some people have covered her name on their books with art and funny things, which create some funny videos. I stand in the boat of, don’t let hateful comments by an author destroy the foundation of a lot of people’s joy and expression. Instead of quoting the author of my favorite characters, I shall quote my favorite characters because they are the ones I remember in times of awe and distress, not J. K Rowling. When I think of Harry Potter I don’t think of a middle-aged white woman with blonde hair, I think of the messy-haired boy with round glasses, I imagine the freckle nosed girl with big curly hair, and I imagine a red-headed boy backed by a squad of redheads.

I saw some video of a girl sporting pride gear and mentioning the recent comments from J.K. Rowling and how she was “raised on Harry Potter” and the ending was her screaming at the camera “these are my characters” as she clutched her pride gear. And that really resonated with me because as much as you can say she wrote them; those characters mean so much to so many different people across the globe.

That’s why it is so heartbreaking and almost unbelievable to see this woman who created the insanely inclusive feeling Harry Potter series by this woman who has such vile beliefs. It makes me think about all the content we consume on the daily and how much truth the authors put into it. I try to be as truthful as possible in my writings, maybe sometimes I don’t want to reveal my deepest darkest secrets or names of other people, etc. but I don’t ever want to lie through my writing. Was she lying? Or just not revealing all of herself? Or is an art in fact separate from its creator?

I’m not sure but what I do know is that Hogwarts and the world filled with wands and broomsticks is something I consider my home. It may sound silly to care so much about something deemed as a children’s book, but for someone who was homeschooled through elementary school, that world was my life. It is an entire universe that has so much meaning and emotion to a lot of people on this earth and it does not just disappear once we realize the woman who showed us this world may not be the angel, we all thought. Hogwarts is still there in our hearts and all those memories do not disappear, so why should we let her stupid words diminish our love for Harry Potter?