About Me

Serra Isabella – Storyteller

I am a full-time community college student trying to make money while pursuing my passions in storytelling. I am twenty years old and a Colorado native who can not wait to travel and see the world. Speaking of college, I am a class A nerd, and I’ve found the best way to do well in school is to find interest in your schoolwork. That’s why I have decided to pursue a degree in elementary education so I can learn to help people like learning too. I grew up reading a lot and some authors who have inspired me throughout my childhood into young adulthood are J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, and Rainbow Rowell. I admire the way these women can tell stories with such enthralling worlds that the reader doesn’t want to put the book down. Since I was a kid playing barbies and making up stories for my dolls I wanted to write a book or make a movie, anything to tell the stories I had in my head. The same way I am entranced by writing I am amazed by art, it can portray a world and story far deeper than most can imagine. Even a simple sunset painting can create a story of wizards and kings fighting a mighty dragon who lights the sky up with his fire breath. So, of course, I paint my heart away like how I journal my soul to sleep. Even though this page is dedicated to writing and my acrylic paintings I love all sorts of artsy things like journaling, calligraphy, picture editing, and so forth. Check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages to see more of my interests and daily life, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog here! I am not claiming to be an expert in anything I write about, I am so young and still just learning every day and simply want to share that with you.

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