INFP Personality Type

So, at this point, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Myer Briggs personality type test, and as much as I’ve seen about it, I had never taken it. As I am on to learn about myself and improve, I figured I should finally figure out which personality I am. With that said, in this post, we’re diving deep into my psyche and learning more about the INFP-T personality type. Now a little disclaimer here, I’m not so sure that I took the “official” Myer Briggs test (because I think I would have to pay for it) but I did take this one on the website “16personalities” and the results were surprisingly accurate.

According to this website, I am a mediator personality type (INFP-T). Aha! Finally, I know the combination of letters that supposedly describe my entire personality, but is it accurate? Well first off, this website told me the role of this personality type is the diplomat and the strategy this type uses through life is constant improvement.

Wait, didn’t I just write a blog post about how I constantly want to learn, and didn’t I just record a video expressing my yearning for growth and improvement through learning new things. Yes, yes, I did say that. So already, before I even get into my specific percentages on things like introversion vs. extroversion and intuition, I can already see a clear resemblance in myself and the INFP-T personality type. And speaking of those percentages I am 81% introverted (no surprise there), 70% intuitive, 75% feeling driven, 53% prospecting, and 94% turbulent.

Assertive vs. Turbulent

Now I want to start with the turbulence percentage because first of all, it confused me and then when I read about it, I was a little concerned. Apparently, the T in INFP-T stands for turbulent and if I had an A instead it would mean assertive and since I had 94%, I am very turbulent. In the mediator personality type, the difference between the two is in “too much or too little” according to 16personalities.

When I first began reading about the difference, I thought that turbulent meant unconfident and unstable, but it really seems to mean that they are hyper-aware of their actions (and flaws) so they second guess and underestimate themselves. Now at this point it still felt like I should be working towards being an assertive personality type (in true INFP fashion I guess) but reading on about assertive types made me reassess.

16 personalities say that this constant self-evaluation from turbulent types can appear as an investment because “generally work hard to compensate for what they see as a weakness” whereas assertive personality types are less likely to feel regret or guilt for their actions, therefor not appearing as interested as their turbulent counterparts. At this point, I am in awe of how accurate everything I am reading is, I’m sure it can apply to many people, but I cannot deny the similarities in myself and this written description of a mediator personality type.

As to how turbulent people can stray too far on the side of self-critic, assertive people can stray too far towards arrogant independence when they refuse to “accept feedback and advice from others at crucial times”. A person with an assertive mediator personality type is 61% more likely to not ask for help and make important decisions on their own. Some turbulent mediators may be begging for this ability but the same could be said for assertive mediators wishing to be able to express regret. This shows me that balance in this area is important because too much of either side seems to have a negative outcome but a balance of the two could be the perfect scenario.

 Strengths and Weaknesses

Now this site has so much information and I could go on and on about personality types and so forth, but I will keep it short and simple for this post. If you want to hear more make sure to like and comment so I know what to write more about! On to the strengths of mediators, which are that: we are idealistic, we seek and value harmony, we are open-minded and flexible, we are very creative, we are passionate, energetic, hardworking, and dedicated. Again, the results are so spot on I am not sure what to even say. I am showing my creativity, passion, and hard work now with this blog and my art, I have a constant battle with perfectionism, and I even noticed how much I hate conflict (which disrupts the harmony).

My personality types weaknesses are as follows: too altruistic, too idealistic, impractical, we dislike handling data, we take things personally (me, me, me), and we’re difficult to get to know. The last two really hit me hard because taking things personally is something my spouse and I have had so much trouble with, and the simple fact that I don’t have more than one friend tells me I probably am hard to get to know (my RBF probably doesn’t help either). At this point in my young adult life, I think I am taking on more of the weaknesses of my personality than the strengths, causing some of the strengths to disappear. Since my personality type is constantly striving for improvement, I immediately felt the need to rectify the weaknesses and “fix myself” (whatever that even means). But, instead of allowing myself to wallow in the fact that I resonate more with weaknesses than strengths and what that says about me (continuing to prove my turbulent status), I decided to keep reading.

Career Paths for INFP

This is where I really started to get excited about my results, I guess because I am at that age where I am supposed to figure out what my career will be and so forth. I was then met with a slightly disheartening first sentence: “It is perhaps more challenging for Mediators to find a satisfying career than any other type”. Yikes. They quickly rectify their pessimism explaining that the mediator’s passion and creativity in modern times are highly sought after and paid for. Then they hit me with a sentence so true it hurts, “First and foremost is seemingly every Mediators’ dream growing up – to become an author”.

What? Are you kidding me, how could this fifteen-minute quiz figure that out about me, on top of all the other accuracies? Stunned I continue reading to find out that what I am currently doing is exactly what most mediator personality types wish could be their life. Blogging and freelance work online is a fantastic place for mediators to get the creative fulfillment they need as well as fuel their goal of constant improvement.

This little tidbit gave me a boost of reassurance in choosing the creative life I have chosen just a few months prior. It is hard when it seems like everyone else can get a normal job, go to work every day, and have no issues, but to read that an entire personality group of people feel the same way made me feel less like a failure. Knowing that I don’t need to force myself into a job just because it pays my bills or seems like the smart thing, especially when It does nothing but destroy my personality gives me the confidence to tell others about what I am doing.

In conclusion, this quick little personality test on has given me a perspective I hadn’t acknowledged before. I am ecstatic to continue reading and learning about the INFP personality type (because again that whole constant improvement thing really drives the majority of my behavior. So, if you want to see more about the INFP personality type you can go check out the video I made while taking it, and make sure to like comment, and subscribe so I know to post more. Thank you for reading this far and have a wonderful wherever you are in the world.

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Starting Summer Classes On Zoom

This week I start my summer college classes which means I will be on zoom twice a week instead of in a classroom for 4 hours twice a week. My college has chosen to do the summer classes remotely and the fall semester is still undetermined. Similar to many universities and even public schools across the world, teachers, and students are being thrown into the chaos of online schooling. Most people aren’t sure if we’ll return to the physical classrooms again in 2020, I included. 

That’s an overwhelming thought and to some it seems impractical because learning online can be difficult and you definingly aren’t getting the full experience of learning in a classroom. I have seen a few videos of students getting failing grades on their spring online finals under suspicion of cheating (who knows if they did or not). But either way this new form of learning is causing a lot of people distress, teachers don’t want to compromise their cheating policies and students are just trying to survive the semester. So of course, online learning has its drawbacks, but I want to look on the brighter side and see the positivity in the fact that I don’t have to leave my house for education.

No Reason to Dress Up

Long gone are the days where I would feel the need to put jeans and a nice shirt on in order to be a functioning human. This whole summer I will be attending my morning Zoom meeting wrapped with a blanket around my legs and probably the shirt I slept in the night before (and a couple girls in my class actually did wrap themselves up in a blanket). What’s the point of wasting an entire outfit for a video call? 

All jokes aside I have basically abandoned my jeans for shorts and leggings (until the fateful moment when I need to do laundry and have nothing, but jeans left). As spring comes to an end and the summer heat begins to turn my third story apartment into a furnace, I have realized I cannot handle the feeling of jeans and sweat. Nope. So, I shall stay in my leggings and shorts and not worry about how I look because I can’t be bothered.

No Social Interaction

As daunting as it feels to speak in a zoom meeting while your entire class stares through their screens with the volume all the way up, it’s nothing compared to standing in front of a class who can now judge everything you say and how you look saying it. I always feel the most nervous just before I start speaking because at that point the class has nothing to judge me off of but my appearance. In the virtual classroom I can at least put myself on mute and even turn off my camera for whenever my boyfriend comes into the background because he forgot I had a class. 

Bottom line I am an introvert so the opportunity to learn alone in my home is a blessing in disguise. I am lucky in the regard that I can learn by simply listening to a lecture or watching a presentation. Whereas I understand other students cannot learn unless they have the opportunity for hands-on learning, so online learning just isn’t working for them. Not to mention I am not studying in a field that requires much hands-on training until a few years from now when I will be doing internships. But at this time in my education I don’t need to be in the classroom all semester long, especially when I know I’m not missing out on anything (cause FOMO is real).

Saving So Much on Gas

Since I can’t leave my house and now, I don’t have to go anywhere to learn I must say I think I’ve filled up my tank once. Not to mention gas prices where the lowest I’ve ever seen in my life (I know it’s not a very long one but still). I mean I paid a dollar fifty per gallon, filled up my tank, and I have not had to refill in so long. It really puts into perspective where all my money is going when I am forced to stay home and not go out spending money.

I am saving not just money but time as well, I don’t have to waste time traveling from my house to the school which by the end of the day can add up to hours taken away from creative time. Plus, without the reason to go somewhere I can’t justify going to any stores or fast food places which inevitably costs me a lot of money every time. Being forced to stay home has really helped me not spend so much money whether that’s on a necessity like gas or a commodity like Target and ice-cream.

All in all, I am excited for the next six weeks of remote learning for my college credits, while I continue to learn more about the business of blogging and graphic design and creating on the internet. I think remote learning gives me the time and space to develop my creative skills and passions, or at least it has given me the inspiration to do it. 

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05 – 19 -2020

This week I learned the importance of sleep. So, my boyfriend has to switch to an overnight schedule for the next three weeks, which means sleeping during the day and going into work from 10 pm – 6 am. It is what it is so there’s really no complaining, but one has to recognize the difficulty that comes with reversing your sleep schedule.

The night before his first overnight shift we both stayed up all night, like 24 hours no sleep. It reminded me of a time back during middle school and high school when my friends and I would stay up all not just because we were kids with energy. I’ve always been an early bird even in my adolescence, I am the first one to fall asleep at the sleepover and definitely the first one up the next day. Plus, I am such a creature of habit that when my regular schedule is disrupted but that doesn’t mean my biological sleep clock changes. Is anyone else a crazy early bird like me?

I don’t know what it is but when the sun is up, I am just up with it. This usually helps me; I get things done in the morning and I have never been the person to sleep in until the afternoon (unless I am sick or sleep-deprived). When the sun sets though, it is a totally different thing. It’s almost as if the setting sun activates the hormones inside me that cause me to get lazy and pass out the second, I lay my head down. So even if I am in a room full of people having fun, when I am sleepy, I am going to sleep or at least lay there with my eyes closed because I have no more energy. Some of that may have to do with me being an introvert so social interaction becomes exhausting.

But today I want to talk about sleep and sleep deprivation because in staying up 24 hours then napping for 3 hours before continuing my day as normal definitely affected my abilities. I’ve noticed that if I can get myself to stay up past about 11 or 12, staying up past that is pretty easy and even fun if you make it so.

No Sleep = No Logic

After being up about 20ish hours I started to really notice how easily the lack of sleep can affect simple mental processing. I began to get frustrated and confused at basically why I was even up but it’s not like I was tired or wanted to go to sleep. My brain was awake and thinking, just not thinking very fast, so I lashed out at my boyfriend in a stupid fit over something I can’t even remember. We quickly apologized and made up, but it truly showed me one element of what sleep deprivation can do to my mood or emotions as well as my thought process.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Another side effect of going without sleep for what felt like an extremely long time is you don’t really have the energy to do normal daily stuff like chores or even eating some real food. When sleep deprivation hits the idea of cooking something to sustain at least one need of your body’s needs seems impossible. It’s a good thing we have fast-food and delivery am I right? Not only that though, with all your energy exhausted daily tasks go unkept, and for little cleaning chores this doesn’t matter more than sleep, but I have a garden now and I almost let them dehydrate and die. I saw the whole day that my plants needed watering, but it wasn’t until late in the evening after I had hibernated on the couch for the entire afternoon that I felt I could actually exert the effort necessary to care for my plants. They looked rough and thirsty by then but the morning after I think they will survive the trauma of my neglect.

Passion Overrides Sleep

Even though I knew full well that I was sleep-deprived and should probably just lay down with my boyfriend and sleep soundly, I couldn’t help but think about this. I couldn’t stop myself from turning on my computer and getting totally immersed in website design and features. As my boyfriend slept preparing for a long shift that night, I worked on my own thing so that when I was alone in the house I could actually sleep. I think most people would have fallen face-first into their pillow without a second thought, hell I would have before I started trying to make something of myself online, but yesterday it wasn’t like that.

The passion burning inside me fueled my body alongside those three hours of sleep I got, to continue doing what I love: learning. Learning about how to make myself better, my platform better, my content better. Even sleep-deprived and possibly delirious I was sitting on my couch enthralled in my work, that has to mean something right? Even at 11 pm long after my boyfriend has left to work and without sleep since 9 am, I was thinking about what I would do today. I was thinking about how I am going to edit my video or those pictures I took. At this point, I don’t know if I am passionate or obsessed but I couldn’t care less because I finally care about something I am doing.

So as much as this experience of sleep deprivation has taught me about why I like sleeping early and having a consistent sleep schedule, it has taught me more about work than anything. I have shown to myself how much I care about this idea I have, and that makes me even more excited to share it with everyone else. I feel so powerful and resilient knowing that I disrupted my schedule but rode the wave instead of fighting it and I got good results. If you look at my website it is updated (again) and I’m happier with it now than ever before. Things are slowly coming together and even if I don’t get the amount of sleep, I wish for I know I am capable of withstanding that struggle.

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I Started a Garden and I think I failed

So, first off let me just say I live on the third floor of an apartment building built in the 1970’s, there isn’t a lot of light, but I do have pretty killer vaulted ceilings. Anyway, my point is I should have known back in February that trying to plant a garden inside an apartment with a little tiny balcony wasn’t going to work super well but yet here we are. I have a tomato plant, chives, carrots, rhudabeckias, lavender, marigolds, a whole lot of sunflowers, and two deceased baby spinach plants (the bugs got to them and then I over watered them and hit the nail on the coffin). No in trying to grow a garden in a less acheivable climate and area has taught me a few things and shown me where I totally messed up.

Too Many Seeds

My first mistake when planting these little guys was putting an entire bag of seeds into one (maybe two) little tiny compostable jiffy pots. Little did I know then that I was placing all those little seeds into a warzone where only the strongest branch would come out alive and blooming. I should have really only done 2 or 3 seed per pot because now I can see a million little branches sprouting from the soil and each one doesn’t look like they have enough space. So in future gardens I will have to remember that I don’t need to use the whole bag of seeds in one pot (it will probably save me money as well as plants).

By Serra Isabella

Planting Too Soon

The next mistake I made was planting these seeds way too soon, I should have waited until about March or April instead of early February, but you live, and you learn. This may not be a big concern in humid or warm environments but for mountain land February is still winter. I have watched my poor little plants wilt from the cold spring snows that happen here in Colorado as I try to resuscitate them with sparing rations of water (as to not over water like I did with my baby spinach).

Pot Sizes

Originally I had my two tomato plant seedling in a 6 inch pot. This was a mistake. After maybe three weeks it was apparent that this pot was way too small for a continuously growing vegetable plant. Also, when planting my carrots I didn’t take into consideration how they grow. I planted an absurd amount of carrots into a pot and did not space them apart so now I am just patiently waiting to harvest a carrot blob in the fall.

Insects and Disease

If you haven’t assumed by now, I am not a green thumb but somehow, I have plenty of green growing plants sitting on my balcony right now. Some of them might have a disease or bugs or something and I am not even sure how to fix that The leaves at the bottom are wilting and yellow and some have holes in them. I saw a post on Pinterest explaining different plant vitamin deficiencies and it looked like they might be potassium deficient. It’s my first season so I don’t know what I’m doing, plus I bought some fertilizer sticks and insecticide spray to help my little guys out.

By Serra Isabella

Thriving Anyway

Even with my plants constantly fighting for survival against insects, disease, and the Coloradan elements they have found some way to grow. My marigolds have begun blooming brighter than my future and my sunflowers are getting bigger every day. I can see the little bulbs on my tomato plant which will eventually become little tomatoes. I’ve watched my little defense less seedlings grow into strong and tall flowers and vegetables. Summer has barely started so I can’t wait to see how long I can keep my plant babies alive, plus I really want to see my lavender bloom.

By Serra Isabella

Gardening In The Future

I’ve always dreamed of having a big voluptuous garden with strawberries, lettuce, peppers, lemons, and all kinds of foods so that I can eat right out of my backyard. I wish for lavender flowers blooming throughout my property and sunflowers brightening up my life. A beautiful wooden arch draped with vines hanging above a pathway, I can see it in my mind now the hard part is making it a reality. As you can see, this year is not the season to make my garden dreams come true, but I am continuing to learn and hopefully someday I will have the garden I dream of.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for keeping a balcony garden alive, I would greatly appreciate the advice! If you are a plant killer like me, leave a like below and let me know how many plants you’ve killed (I think my count is 5). I look forward to speaking to all of you and thanks again for reading my content!

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Learning to Rest

05 – 12 – 2020

This past week has taught me a lot through finishing my spring semester of college to unmet goals to tragic losses. In the previous weeks I have been plowing full steam ahead towards my goals but last week my body was just telling me to slow down. I thought in the two-week break from the spring to the summer semester I was going to get so much work on here done, working none stop. I still will get a lot done but I also allowed myself space to not worry when I wasn’t able to do everything that I planned done earlier than now.

When your friends and family need you, it is especially important to take time for yourself and the ones you love. I could not have been supportive to my friend or the one love if I was also fixated on completing work anytime, I had the chance alone. I would be exhausted. When I am exhausted, whether it be from physical, social or mental work, I get cranky and sometimes mean. I don’t like being mean and cranky, so I have to be careful of how I spend my energy and learn to pivot my energy to the most important task in the moment.

I didn’t fixate on all the work I was mossing out on or the time I was divvying out in support and I’m still exhausted. My significant other took off work and the both of us didn’t spend much time at home while we cared for loved ones and celebrated Mother’s Day. I like to categorize myself as an introvert so just being around people as much as I have been the last week was hard for me. This week tested me to go with the flow of the universe especially when the unexpected happens. To rest when it is necessary and to work your ass off in the times that passion fills the air inexplicably.

I used to get upset at myself or others when change would happen, or when what I had hoped would be the plan for the day doesn’t pan out. I guess I just didn’t know as a kid that change is inevitable so whenever change did occur, I did everything in my power to stop it. I have always been somewhat of a planner too, so when I expected my day to go a certain way but then circumstances made my previous plans impossible, I would panic because I didn’t know how to cope. I still panic if things don’t go along with my expectations so I can tell you it is all a learning process.

Maybe it’s that I’m in college or maybe it’s that I’m growing into adult hood far from the protection of my mother, but it is like my eyes are finally open enough to see a bigger picture. Change is constant and sad and beautiful and sometimes happy, but it is the only thing you know for sure will happen. Nothing stays the same. So instead of asking myself why is this happening? I am trying to change my perspective to one of understanding that the unexpected must and will happen no matter how much we may fight it.

I tell myself of course this happened because for some god-awful reason this is what changes us into who we will become. In order to continue surviving the winds of change I must believe that whatever is happening will make me a better version of myself in the future. I may preach what I want but I still wonder sometimes what the point of losing my thirty-nine-year-old dad at the age of sixteen was. I am not perfect; I struggle everyday with the loss of my dad and I overthink every situation to oblivion, but I do know that everything I am going through is what will eventually make me the wonderful woman I aspire to be.

So, when the universe throws me a curve ball and I have to switch up my plans (which I hate to do) I will learn to adapt. Change plans and don’t feel bad about it, forget about responsibilities to save your mental health, and stop pondering what if’s. This is where we’re at, the card we’ve been dealt, and the only way to make it better is to use what the universe has given you. Stop trying to fight to natural pattern of life and instead trust in it because I truly believe the universe gives you exactly what you need when you need it.

By Serra Isabella

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